Houston Astros Playoff Chances (2023)

1. Houston Astros 2023 playoff scenarios with Texas and Seattle | khou.com

  • 1 day ago · PHOENIX — The Houston Astros clinched a spot in the postseason with a 1-0 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks Saturday.

  • Houston clinched a spot in the postseason Saturday with a win over Arizona. They could still win the division.

2. Astros clinch playoff spot: Defending World Series champions return to ...

  • 16 hours ago · The defending World Series champions are headed back to the postseason. The Houston Astros have clinched a postseason berth thanks to ...

  • With a wild-card spot in hand, the Astros can still win the AL West if things swing right for them

3. Are the Astros in the playoffs yet? Houston wins 1st of last 3 games as ...

  • 2 days ago · As ABC13 reported, all the Astros need to do in order to increase their odds from 76% to 100% is win two of three games at the Arizona ...

  • Houston can lock up a postseason berth with one more win against the Diamondbacks, but an improbable scenario is emerging with the Rangers and Mariners.

4. Houston Astros Playoff Picture - PlayoffStatus.com

  • The Astros playoff picture table presents the probabilities that the Astros will win each playoff spot.

5. What is Astros' magic number? Houston can clinch playoff spot in ...

  • 4 days ago · Heading into Wednesday, the Astros sat at a 61% chance of making the playoffs. That meant three out of five times, Houston is a postseason team ...

  • Houston hasn't punched its ticket to the postseason yet, but the chances went up in a big way Wednesday night.

6. 2023 MLB playoff picture: Bracket, standings, magic numbers with all ...

7. Astros' Playoff Roulette - The Crawfish Boxes

  • 2 days ago · The Astros' odds of winning the division are small, but the odds of making the playoffs are pretty good at 76%. The Rangers' are in an extremely ...

  • Astros’ Playoff Odds In Flux As Arizona Series Begins...and What Happens If They Advance

8. MLB Playoff Picture 2023: Astros' Playoff Hopes Hinge on Rangers ...

  • 2 days ago · According to FanGraphs, the Mariners have the slimmest chances of ultimately cashing their ticket to the postseason at 33. Still, Seattle has a ...

  • The single most delicious storyline in the waning days of the MLB Playoff hunt is that of the AL West, where the Texas Rangers hold a two-game lead over…

9. MLB Playoffs clinching scenarios for Saturday: 5 teams clinch berths

  • 17 hours ago · The Houston Astros and Arizona Diamondbacks are still looking to clinch berths in the 2023 MLB. Update: The final five postseason berths in the ...

  • The final five postseason berths in 2023 MLB Playoffs were secured Saturday with the Blue Jays, Marlins, Rangers, Astros and DBacks earning bids.

10. Astros Playoff Chances in One, Sort of Easy-to-Read Chart

  • 2 days ago · I'm no statistician, but if Houston only wins one game against Arizona they still have a fair chance to get a Wild Card berth. If they win two ...

  • This comes from Reddit with thanks to Theo

11. Houston Astros postseason odds take a major dip after Royals sweep

  • 7 days ago · Going into Sunday's game vs the Royals, the Astros had around a 70 percent chance to make the postseason, but concluding the sweep, they now ...

  • The Houston Astros' playoff odds have plummeted after getting swept by the Kansas City Royals. With only six games remaining, the next series versus the Seattle

12. 2023 MLB Playoff odds: Postseason odds for every team - FOX Sports

  • Sep 21, 2023 · Can the Seattle Mariners stay hot? Will the Houston Astros continue their recent run of success? Let's dive into the MLB Postseason odds for ...

  • As we head into the final stretch of the season, we take a look at the postseason odds for every team. Will there be any surprises?

13. MLB Playoff Odds | FanGraphs Baseball

  • 13 hours ago · MLB Playoff Odds ; Braves · 104-57, 104 ; Phillies · 89-72, 89 ; Marlins · 84-76, 84 ; Nationals · 70-91, 70 ; Mets · 74-86, 74

  • Playoff odds tell how likely an MLB team will win the division, wild card berth or win the World Series. FanGraphs simulates each season 10,000 times to generate the probabilities.

14. What are the Houston Astros' chances of making the playoffs 2023?

  • 5 days ago · The Houston Astros currently have a 75% chance of making it into the playoffs according to Fangraphs' projections model. They are currently ...

  • The Houston Astros are the defending world champions, but they are currently fighting for a playoffs 2023 berth.

15. 2023 MLB playoffs: Clinching scenarios, bracket, schedule - ESPN

  • 9 hours ago · Houston Astros. On a Saturday night filled with teams punching their postseason tickets, the Astros completed the 12-team field by beating ...

  • We have everything you need to know as the regular season winds down, from current playoff matchups to league races to the postseason schedule.

16. 2022 Major League Baseball Playoff Odds

  • 2022 Major League Baseball Playoff Odds. Previous Season Next Season. World Series Champion: Houston Astros.

  • 2022 Likelihood of teams reaching the postseason this year.

17. MLB playoffs 2023: MLB postseason picture, playoff schedule - Sportsnaut

  • 17 hours ago · Twelve teams make the MLB playoffs, with six each from the National League and American League. The top two division winners with the best record in the AL and ...

  • What teams are in the MLB playoffs? We look at the 2023 postseason format, schedule and the updated playoff picture.

18. Astros hold better than 50-50 chance of making postseason after sweep

  • 4 days ago · Astros hold better than 50-50 chance of making postseason after sweep ... Astros hold better than 50-50 chance of making postseason after sweep.

  • It's not over yet! The Astros play again Wednesday in their series finale against the Mariners. In the event that they make the playoffs, you can now purchase postseason tickets.

19. Astros' nightmare seeding scenario, matchup for 2023 MLB playoffs

  • Sep 23, 2023 · As things stand right now, the Astros have a legitimate opportunity to win the division, earn a wild card spot, or miss the playoffs. All three ...

  • Breaking down the Houston Astros' nightmare postseason situation as the 2023 MLB playoffs are right around the corner

20. 2023 MLB Playoff Picture | Odds Shark

  • 5 days ago · All four teams have a 90% chance chance of making the playoffs, or higher. But, there are still a few spots open. Here are the other squads in ...

  • The train to the MLB postseason is nearly at its final destination. Before we can blow life into any World Series dreams, the final MLB playoff picture needs some time to simmer, as wild-card contenders either rise or flame out. Here's the whole playoff picture amid the last week of regular-season contests.

21. Houston Astros: Playoffs require stronger finish

  • Sep 15, 2020 · The Astros' best—and perhaps only—chance to make the playoffs in 2020 is to finish in second place in the AL West. This remains due to the ...

  • The Houston Astros hope to make the playoffs. Who do they need to outperform to get there? Over their last 10 games, no MLB team has fared worse than the H...

22. MLB Playoff Odds 2023 - Postseason Odds for Every Team - Covers.com

  • Sep 19, 2023 · Odds to make the MLB postseason ; Astros Houston Astros, -2,500 · +1,300 ; Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays, -390 · +320 ; Mariners Seattle Mariners, - ...

  • MLB playoff odds for every team ahead in 2023 season. Odds to make MLB postseason with the Tampa Bay Rays leading among those still on the board.

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