Furniture upholstery projects for this spring (2023)

It's the first warm weekend of the year, and as you watch your neighbors mow the lawn or plant flowers, your attention turns to your home decor and how to update some furniture upholstery this spring. This wouldn't be the first time we've avoided gardening, but our skills are best applied to a design project - indoors, of course.

We can see you now, the light streaming in through the damp windows and you sipping your coffee and looking from one possible upholstery project to the next. You might be wondering which upholstery item needs the most updating or which project can be completed the fastest.

Some satisfaction comes from completing a home project that offers a significant improvement. After all, what good is it if no one notices?

Reinvented furniture restoration

While many take the time to focus on spring cleaning and organizing a closet or donating unused items, we have a bigger fish to fry: furniture upholstery.

Choosing the part you want to upgrade is not an easy task. It's important to be selective when making these types of changes. You want to enjoy what you choose for your upholstery for a long time!

There's nothing worse than making a hasty decision or following a trend just because you couldn't decide. Take your time and have fun visualizing different ways to renovate your home this spring.

Possible projects for an upgrade

review the chair

Yes you know! It's so popular that the material is a little faded and the cushions are a little saggy and sad. Or maybe that chair in your house is sitting in a corner and getting no love. A little update can change that!

We're all big fans of having a special place at home to watch TV, read a book, or browse social media on your phone. It's your safe place and the place you want to relax at the end of the day, so make it a place you want to visit!

Choose a material that feels cozy, but also something you'd like to look at after a day at work. This might look like smooth leather, neutral linen, or a rich velvet pattern. Whatever sounds good to you, place it in your favorite chair to enjoy during your next free time.

Upholstery tip:If you are updating a chair that you spend a lot of time in, be sure to check out the foam and/or upholstery inside. This is the perfect opportunity to adjust the firmness of the seat and adjust it to your personal preferences.

Upgrade your favorite antique.

Everyone loves a used piece of furniture that's been loved by generations, but sometimes fabric needs an update. Materials fade over time, collect dust and odors, and we'd all be a little happier if we could combine the old with the new, right?

Choose a material that fits the original piece while respecting your personal design style. Perhaps choose a pattern that harks back to the original furniture era, but with an unexpected pop of color. You could also do the opposite and choose a color scheme similar to the original upholstery pattern in a new, modern textile design.

Be sure to choose a quality material that will last long enough that the next family member who inherits the piece will not be in a hurry to reupholster the furniture. But don't let that stop you from having fun with your textile choices!

Our favorite upholstery projects are those that offer a great juxtaposition between the original furniture and the new upholstery.

Upholstery tip:If it's an heirloom you'd like to leave, leave a little note on the staples for the next family member to find when it's reupholstered. Add your name, date, current events and a sweet story to accompany the furniture piece.

upholstery illustrations.

We've always looked at window coverings as another way to add artwork to your walls. Unlike traditional works of art, upholstered furniture has a greater variety of textures, movement and, of course, the ability to make a significant impact without breaking the bank.

Shutters soften the window angles, providing additional privacy and comfort. An undecorated window is beautiful, but it can get a little sterile if repeated in every room in the house.

If you're looking for ways to heat or cool a window in your home, take a look at our window covering fabric options.

Our home improvement community is always wondering how to create the biggest design impact in a room, and for us, it's with drapes. The more windows you decorate in an area, the more significant this update's impact will be.

Be sure to choose a material that you would love to see repeated in your home. But don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Remember, you can always order samples from Kovi before you commit to buying yardage for your project. Pick a few you like and hang them on your windows to see which one suits you best!

Remember, you can always order samples from Kovi before you commit to buying yardage for your project.

Upholstery tip:We want our upholstery upgrades to look fresh and new while blending in with our existing home decor.

Careful; If you change things up too much and choose a material that's too different from your current design, you'll be tempted to burn the rest and start over.

If you update everything in your space over time, we understand, but don't say we didn't warn you!


So maybe you're not afraid to tackle an outdoor project after all. With the anticipation of spring and summer days outdoors, this could be the perfect time to change the upholstery on your patio furniture.

Whether you're upcycling seat cushions or a few throw pillows, be sure to filter out the outer fabrics before settling on a material you like. There's nothing worse than falling in love with fabric that's fading or falling apart after a season outdoors.

Choosing a weatherproof material helps with moisture, stains, sun fading, and durability. There's nothing quite like washing a ketchup-stained couch cushion or a pillow covered in leaves.

If you live in a place that lends itself to year-round outdoor activities, choose a material that you can enjoy in all four seasons.

If you live in a cooler climate and can only enjoy outdoor seating halfway through the year, you may want to select a spring/summer style material. Again, this is something to consider when choosing your outer shell.

Upholstery tip:To prolong the life of your upholstered outdoor furniture, we recommend storing it for each season or periods of intense weather.

This is generally true for those who live in colder climates and have a lot of snow or ice. At the end of the warm season, we recommend that you wash the pillows, let them dry outside and then store them until next year. This is not mandatory, but it will certainly extend the life of your upholstery.

questions and answers

Questions:What are some easy upholstery projects for this spring?

Responder:When considering upholstery, the smaller the surface, the easier the project should be. Pay attention to intricate details in the upholstery piece, such as B. tufts or pleats.

Questions:How do I choose yardage for window coverings?

Responder:We believe that more is more when it comes to window coverings. For a complete, finished look, double the width of the window under Material Width. That way, when you close the drapes, there will be enough fabric left over to cover each side of the window for a fuller look.

The height can vary greatly depending on the height of the window and ceiling. We recommend hanging the curtain rod between 3 and 18 inches above the window. The higher the ceiling, the higher the curtain rod can go. It's important not to leave too much space between the window and the curtain rod or it will look like you've measured incorrectly.

It's better to have a lot of fabric on the floor than to have one foot on the floor. You can always hem the material, but you'll struggle to add fabric if you don't specify enough.

Questions:How do I know when to do a DIY upholstery project instead of paying someone else to do it?

Responder:We all have different abilities when it comes to padding. A beginner DIYer should start with simply upholstering the seat cushions and headboard, and if you have experience with a sewing machine, you can handle window shades or pillows. Keep in mind that these projects require skills and tools that many of us don't have at home.

Knowing when to outsource work to someone else is an important life skill. We can try to complete a project, but sometimes that wastes time and money. Have fun with your DIY, and when it's no longer fun or productive, humbly hand it over to a professional; We do this all the time!

Reinvented furniture restoration

We constantly see design lovers taking on exciting new upholstered furniture projects and we're glad you've expressed an interest too. Every project is personal, whether it's updating an antique or restoring a ten-year-old sofa. It was so much fun to share our seasonal upholstery ideas. We're curious to see which designs for Spring 2022 will strike a chord with you.

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