Everything you need to know about Data + AI Summit 2022 (2023)

Date + top AI 2022, the global data community event, is taking place in San Francisco in just a few days, June 27-30! This year's Summit is truly a must-see event featuring over 240 tech sessions, speeches, meetings and more, whether you attend in person at San Francisco's Moscone South or join virtually for free.

(Psst: it's not too late to apply! Get all the detailsHere).

The Data + AI Summit, formerly known as the Spark + AI Summit, will bring together tens of thousands of data professionals, leaders and visionaries from over 160 countries to experience the latest in Lakehouse, open source, AI and more. Participants can also participate in conference training and new certification courses.

With only a few days left until the Summit, here's a summary of what you need to know:

Our subject: Lakehouse Destination

Today's technological decisions are made at the intersection of data and artificial intelligence. There is a growing demand for new approaches to cloud analytics that use simple and open methods and architectures. The emergence of the data lakehouse paradigm means that every organization now has a new destination for data. these yearsHouse on Lake DestinoThe theme highlights the building blocks of the modern data stack and focuses on product innovations that enable data controllers to rapidly mobilize data resources to make better and more informed decisions.

Choose your experience

Choose how you want to experience the top of Data + AI. The event returns to San Francisco for the first time in three years, and data enthusiasts can still watch virtually by signing up for a free, immersive online experience. Regardless of your level of participation, get ready for four days of deep tech dives, speeches from data leaders and visionaries, socializing with colleagues, and more.

We have an amazing list of speeches from industry leaders like the co-founders of DatabricksMore Ghodsi,Matthew ZachariasmiReynoldsa Xina, as well as lectures by visionaries such asTariki Barrett, CEO of Girls Who Code,Piotr Norvig, artificial intelligence pioneer and best-selling author,Zhamak Dehghani, creator of Data Mesh,inexpensive Tristan, CEO and co-founder of dbt Labs and many others.

Here's an overview of what to expect:

Make the most of your on-site opportunities

The personal meeting at the summit takes place in San Francisco! The best way to view the event is to download the official archiveMobile app data + AI peakfor iOS and Android - just visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for "Data + AI Summit" and install it on your device. Please use your registration details to log in.

The app is designed to help you get the most out of your event and allows you to explore the full program of keynotes, tech sessions, training and networking opportunities. Be sure to turn on real-time notifications so you don't miss a session or event.

build your schedule
Easily plan your schedule with our conference app for personal events. Usagendafeatures rich technical content, in-depth product reviews, brilliant speeches, and much more. just go toagendaon the Schedule tab,and click ❤️ next to the session you want to add. You can also add each session to your personal calendar. Take the time to play around with show filters by number and topic, and browse speaker pages for a viewing experience right from your home.

Make the most of your virtual experiences

Our virtual event platform will be launched on Friday, June 24 for all virtual visitors; the platform will also be available to individual guests after the event. After July 1, access to all debates and lectures on the platform will be possible for two weeks, until July 15. From there, you'll still be able to access on-demand content through the Summit website.

Your complete dashboard
When you join a virtual conference, you'll be greeted by a personal dashboard: a single place for everything you need to know about Summit. The dashboard contains the most useful links to navigate the program agenda, featured sessions, and interactive attendee interface. Watch your inbox for notifications so you don't miss any program updates.

But it's not just about keeping order! The platform will also offer a variety of activities such as a photo booth and a Summit Quest game where you can win prizes, as well as networking opportunities with other participants, job boards and more.

The virtual event will include live lectures, training, and discussion sessions, as well as additional in-person event content that will be made available upon request within 24 hours of the session. Live sessions appear in the Agenda, and all other sessions can be accessed in the On Demand library.

build your schedule

Easily create and update your daily schedule using the dashboard. To add sessions to your own schedule, go to the Schedule taband select Full Schedule,and click ❤️ next to the session you want to add. You can also add each session to your personal calendar. All sessions broadcast live from San Francisco can be found atComplete scheduleplatform page. Don't forget to take a look atcustom libraryfor hundreds of more sessions that will be available throughout the week! We encourage all participants to use filters to find content that is most relevant to them.

Networking and community opportunities for attendees in person

The Data + AI Summit is about both community and technology. That's why we've planned a variety of meetups, networking opportunities, and other community-focused events for in-person and virtual attendees.

From all-night parties to Open Source gatherings, we have plenty planned for the people of San Francisco.

Development Center + Expo

Welcome to our Dev Hub + Expo, where you can interact one-on-one with data scientists and discover the latest technology. Visit the Databricks booth and learn about open source technologies such as Delta Lake, Apache Spark™, ​​PyTorch and MLflow (and of course, learn all about Lakehouse). We are also happy to welcome various authors who are technological innovators in the Data+AI community. Visit the sponsor's stand in person or view the virtual stand online.

At Dev Hub + Expo, you can connect with over 80 tech innovators, play a variety of Summit games, listen to our Databrew podcast, and connect with your peers. Our in-person event offers attendees a range of perks including a developer showroom, industrial halls, Community Cove and an opening day party.

Meetings and social events

Individual participants have access to our meetings at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Participation in these special events is free, on a first come, first served basis. Here's a preview of the schedule:

June 27:Meetup: War in Ukraine: Challenges in Documenting Russian War Crimes and False Flags

29th of June:Delta Lake Birthday Party - Meet and greet contributors and submitters

We are also excited to host 6 Ask Me Everything (AMAs) on a variety of topics. Leaders in the field (associates, data engineers, developers, and more) share everything you need to know in these quick Q&As with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Matei Zaharia (co-founder and CTO, Databricks; original creator of Apache Spark and MLflow) and Reynold Xin (co-founder and principal architect of Databricks; principal contributor to Apache Spark). AMA topics include Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLOps, Pandas API Streaming, Lakehouse best practices... and many more.

Bring the fun!

It's been a while since we met in person - and we're making the most of it! Our visitors to San Francisco have plenty of opportunities to connect, and it all starts with "showing" your badge to connect with like-minded people.

Throughout the conference, there will also be a Summit Quest (a modified way to attend the Summit and earn rewards), specialized networking events, two fun evening events including an Opening Party at Dev Hub + Expo and our Datatorium Summit Party at . Exploratorium: enjoy food, drinks, DJ, interactive exhibitions and The Spazmatics

Women in data + AI

Join us in the panel discussion to hear from leaders from ThinkSpot, Google and VMware who have joined us. The discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with the speakers. Data and artificial intelligence leaders will also present practical topics on establishing cooperation with organizations supporting technological education of women and supporting and mentoring the local community.

Networking and community opportunities for virtual attendees

Our goal is to make Data + AI Summit 2022 our best conferenceAlreadyparticipants, so we have many plans for participants to join us remotely! Learn how to socialize with your peers and have fun (without having to take off your pajamas).

table of vacancies

Browse the latest jobs in the world of data and AI. For more information, visit the Dev Hub + Expo job page.

Win rewards with Summit Quest

Earn conference points by watching sessions, visiting sponsors and completing surveys. The top 50 players on the leaderboard will win Summit goodies and other cool gifts!

DBX is a curated set of content and sessions where you can learn more about the amazing innovations coming to Databricks. DBX is designed to help you make the most of your time at the Summit and give you quick access to the topics most relevant to your role. Some key DBX features include:

  • product in depthon Databricks Lakehouse with sessions on Delta Lake, Unity Catalog, Databricks SQL, Delta Live Tables, MLflow and more.
  • training and certificationin all aspects of Databricks, from Apache Spark development to building ETL pipelines and managing machine learning models.
  • Upcoming newsDatabricks products, features and innovations.

Whether you join us in San Francisco or sit on the couch, our goal is to bring people together so they can learn and connect in a virtual environment. There's more to share, but now it's your turn to discover what the Data + AI Summit has to offer. If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late. As always, the Virtual Pass is completely free.join usfor all the action at the Data + AI Summit - we hope to see you there!

For more information on what to expect, see oursknow in advance you godecks for each participation experience -personalzvirtual.


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“The Future of Data & AI Summit and Awards 2022” is a premier knowledge exchange platform that brings together the senior leaders, the renowned personalities, who adopted the best strategies for Managing their data and being a customer-centric organization.

What is the data and AI Summit? ›

The premier event for the global data, analytics and AI community returns to San Francisco June 26-29. Four days packed with keynotes by industry leaders and visionaries, technical sessions, hands-on training and networking opportunities.

Where is the Databricks AI Summit 2022? ›

The world's largest data and AI conference returns live, June 27-30 in San Francisco and virtually in our new hybrid format.

How many attendees at data and AI Summit? ›

Data + AI Summit is the world's largest conference for the data, analytics, and AI community. With 75K total and 12K in-person attendees, it was a remarkable event for Slalom to be part of and celebrate our success as a team winning the 2023 Databricks Health & Life Sciences Partner of the Year award.

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On November 30, 2022, the world is stunned by a new AI system developed by an AI startup company OpenAI. When it is released for the first time, the world is busy discussing its features and capabilities, and even interestingly, it got around 5 million users in the first week of its release. The AI is known as ChatGPT.

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WSAI 2022 reunites global AI ecosystem in Amsterdam for World AI Week. The world's brightest AI minds gathered in Amsterdam for World AI Week, culminating in the sixth edition of World Summit AI in October 2022, and bringing the global AI ecosystem back together. Got questions for our team?


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