17 DIY bicycle sheds to give you the best storage space (2023)

Cycling can be a fantastic way to get around without a motorized vehicle, to get a lot of exercise and to travel to many tourist destinations. Bike storage may seem complicated or take up a lot of space, but there are many great outdoor bike storage ideas that can simplify storage without taking up already limited space. Creating a DIY bike shed can be easy and fun for a weekend project.

No matter how limited your storage space is or how easily accessible you want to store your bikes, there are plenty of DIY bike shed solutions out there. There are many free plans and video tutorials that can help you take the stress out of building a storage shed. Let's examine seventeen of the most beneficial and easy DIY bike shed ideas.

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1- Cedar shed for bike storage

Make them barrier-freeOutdoor bike storage solutioncan be crafted using cedar fence posts. The estimated cost of a DIY bike shed like this is between $350 and $400 compared to pre-made sheds which are three to four times the price. This project has an easy to follow list of instructions and can be done with basic power tools like a saw and drill.

This bike shed project details how to attach the shed to an outside wall of the home or garage. Besides simply storing bikes, this DIY bike shed can also be used to store other outdoor supplies such as garden tools.

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2- Independent shed to store bikes outside

build a smaller oneMake your own bike shedWith plenty of room for other outdoor toys and accessories, it's a wonderful idea. This project can be completed in a weekend with a few simple tools. Adding doors to this bike rack provides quick and easy access to bikes and other gear.

This stand alone design comes with an easy to follow video tutorial on how to build this bike shed. With a free delivery list and free downloadable plans, this is an easy bike storage solution. This project is perfect for families with kids or for storing other outdoor items like scooters and skateboards.

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(Video) Making a 7x4 Pent Bike Shed DIY (Outdoor Storage) | The Carpenter's Daughter

3- Wooden bike shelter with metal roof pallets

Storing bikes out of the way is one solution, but being able to protect stored bikes from the elements is another factor. TheDIY bike shed made from pallet woodIt's built with a metal roof to keep rain and water out of the expensive bikes. Using pallets saves money and can make this project practically free.

Adding corrugated iron roofing material to this DIY bike shed is a great way to keep rain and snow out. Covering the sides with tarps or other outdoor material would be a fantastic addition to ensure expensive bikes don't suffer weather damage. This project can be completed in a day or a weekend. Simple tools create this awesome DIY outdoor bike shed idea.

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4- Bike bag with wooden top

Designed in a slanted scale designwood paneled bike shedIt is made from corrugated iron and wooden planks for an attractive storage solution. With an open front design, the sturdiness of the wood paneling and the weather resistance of the metal help make this a solid bike shed.

Using a pocket gauge, this DIY bike shed storage idea has no exposed screws that could rust unless exposed to water. This project plan consists of two videos detailing the materials, tools, and building instructions to create this storage shed.

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5- Canopy for storing bicycles with a high roof

Having a bike storage shed design that not only accommodates larger bikes but also works with easy accessibility can be a key factor. TheBike Shed DesignIt features a roof that goes up and down with gas struts, allowing the roof to remain raised when storing and retrieving bikes. This storage solution is large enough to store motorcycles if desired, as well as other items that can be stored outdoors.

With pivoting front doors, this shed basically opens all the way for easy storage access. The materials used to build this shed are wooden planks and MDF or other wooden panels. In addition to storing bikes, this storage shed solution is large enough to store lawn mowers, trash cans, and other items that can be temporarily kept out of sight.

This shed project can be completed in a weekend with minimal tools plus the optional gas struts for the roof.

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6- Outdoor bike shed with triple door

AMake your own bike shedthat is large enough to have two front doors and an additional side door can be a great solution for keeping bikes away from the garage or outside elements. This project includes a long and detailed 20 minute video that explains how to build this bike rack.

Each build step is timestamped in the video description for easy navigation and detailed explanations. This shed design accommodates two to three bikes as well as other bike accessories.

(Video) How to make your shed secure: Best motorcycle storage & insurance

7- Wooden bike shed

The included free plansOutdoor bike rack designThey are to construct a four foot by eight foot storage shed. Another free standing bike rack solution, this project could take a weekend or a little longer depending on experience with construction skills. The free plans list a jigsaw and a drill as the two power tools needed for this project.

This DIY bike shed also has a raised floor that helps protect valuable bikes from getting stuck in water or bugs getting into the shed. Wood paneling and plywood were used in the design of the shed.

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8- Bicycle shelter with an open tiled roof

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to fillDIY bike shed projectthis design is perfect. With a simple 2 x 4 inch wooden base, the biggest attraction of this project is the tile roof. The roof prevents most wind and rain conditions from damaging the stored bikes.

The wooden base also helps protect the bikes from weather and water. This project can be completed in a few hours after collecting all the supplies.

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9- Wooden bike racks for outdoor use

BeWooden bike shed designincorporates a wood panel construction and combines them into a sturdy bike shed storage solution. This project offers easy-to-understand plans with color photos, drawings, diagrams and good descriptions for each construction step.

The four foot by eight foot structure can be built with just a few hundred dollars of materials and can be built alone or with a friend over the weekend. Three access doors make bike storage accessible without being cumbersome.

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10- bonus bike rack for storage on top

Do you have extra storage space, ifConstruction of bike racks for storageit can be a wonderful idea. This DIY bike shed project has space to store firewood above the bike shed for added utility. The bike shed has a sloping tiled roof for extra weather protection.

This project requires the use of concrete slabs or garden paving as a base for a solid foundation due to the added weight of storing firewood. The shed plan uses pallet wood to reduce costs and recycle materials. The old platform can also be used to complete this project. A saw and drill will come in handy to complete this outdoor bike storage project.

(Video) How to build a bike store

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11- Bike storage with side access from the outside

A simple layout design combined with quality materials can go a long way towards the longevity of this awesome bike shed. This 1.2m x 2.5m bike rack can be customized to fit any budget and delivery availability. With a side access door, this storage shed can be attached to the side of a garage, house or fence.

BeDIY bike shed storageThe project offers downloadable plans and presents easy-to-follow steps for construction. A detailed materials list makes shopping for this project easy and stress-free. A hammer and a saw can be used to build this bike rack, and the outdoor bike shed can be built in a week.

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12- Creative shed for storing children's bicycles

Less than 10 minutes video tutorial shows exactly how to build and customize a creative bike shed for kids. Using concrete and sand garden pavers for a sturdy foundation is a great way to create a solid foundation for suitable outdoor storage solutions. Framing the storage shed with two inch by two inch lumber saves money.

The exterior of the shed is fence boards with air gaps. The design and construction of the bike shed is easy, although it can take a weekend to build it yourself. WithinMake your own bike shed, the lock can be attached to hold the bike tires to keep them from moving.

The exterior of the storage shed can be customized to stimulate children's interests. This project used colorful blocks of wood to create 8-bit video game character art. Getting the kids involved in painting this shed can be a great way to teach them about DIY projects.

13- Shed for bicycles with a modern design

Create oneOutdoor bike storage solutionThis is minimalist and modern for limited space. This lean-to shed uses 10x10cm wooden posts and heavy-duty 5x10cm planks for a solid structure and can be used for both adult and children's bikes. The exterior of the shed is deck planks and the pitched roof design is clear corrugated PVC panels that can easily be cut to size with a saw.

Two hinged doors on the front door complete this design for a space saving storage shed. The exterior of the shed can be painted or stained to match the exterior of the house, or it can be left to age over time. Using wood that has been treated for outdoor use, this tool shed will last for many years.

14- Custom felt roof bike shed

Ten key steps can take you from cluttered bikes in your garage or yard to an organized home.Make your own bike shed. This project presents a 3D rendering of the shed's design to see how it was built. Door panels make this storage shed quick to set up with the help of a second person.

(Video) Ultimate Guide To The Best Outdoor Bike Storage Sheds (2023)

Further customizing the design with paint, hardware, hinges and latches can be part of the fun of building this bike shed. The felt roof is an interesting concept to create a shed roof. Felt roofing materials are best used on flat roof surfaces, but can be an inexpensive solution for a DIY project.

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15- Outdoor Vertical Bike Shed

When you need to store multiple bikes, low-level storage solutions can get quite large. The solution to storing up to eight family bikes is to stand them upright. By storing and hanging the bikes, you save valuable floor space. a four by ten feetMake your own bike shedThey can be created for any budget. This easy-to-follow video tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to add an outside bike storage space without taking up space in your garage.

With a total shipping cost of four hundred dollars, this storage solution is a lot cheaper than buying a pre-built shed. By creating panels to attach to the outside of the home or garage, this hanging bike rack is easy to build. Creating a frame of two by four inch planks of wood and plywood creates a simple but solid design.

16- External firewood storage converted into a bike rack

Part of DIY projects is reusing existing structures and redesigning them to meet the needs of the moment. This DIY project requiresBlueprints for a firewood storeand turns it into a bike rack. This simple and inexpensive solution can be built in a day.

With a budget of around $250, this project is affordable for anyone looking for inexpensive storage solutions. This bike shed can also be used for other outdoor storage solutions. The simple fence panel construction and pitched roof make it ideal for bike storage.

17 DIY bicycle sheds to give you the best storage space (12)

17- Shed for storing bicycles in the courtyard courtyard

A nearly twenty minute video tutorial will show any DIY enthusiast how to build a small oneBike shed in the backyard. The box frame is clad in plywood for a simple and inexpensive design. The tiled pitched roof offers shelter from rain and snow.

Building a shorter, smaller bike rack is a great way to store a bike or two without taking up too much space. Using a weather resistant stain or coating will ensure your plywood construction will withstand years of inclement weather.

Finding inexpensive ways to store bikes outside without creating a clutter in the garage can be a great idea. Choosing a DIY bike shed idea that not only fits your budget but also your available space and building skills can go a long way towards storage solutions. Simple bike storage solutions can ensure that bikes can be used and enjoyed by the whole family for years to come.

(Video) How to Build a DIY Bike Shed (Part 1) - DIY Projects Episode 29

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